Company Provides Insurance Against Loss in Equity

November 24th, 2009 mullinaxteam Posted in Homeowners Insurance, Real Estate Comments Off on Company Provides Insurance Against Loss in Equity

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It is possible to purchase insurance that will keep you from losing equity in your home

The real estate industry has long been thought of as a great investment but over recent years it has proven to be volatile and not as much of a sure bet as in past years.  A company out of California has come up with a solution for anyone who is uneasy about buying a new home and potentially losing money in it.  For 1% of the value of your home you can purchase insurance that assures you that you will not lose value in your home.

Working Equity Inc., is, essentially, selling insurance that guarantees that when you sell your home you will get the value of what you bought it for even if it sells for less.  There are a few hitches, you have to own your home for at least 2 years and it must be your primary residence.  Working Equity is selling peace of mind in an unstable market place, something many people are willing to pay 1% for.

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